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Incident completion in less that 20 minutes

"TAG is offering reduced operator handling time"

TAG is a Guard Response Network operating as a direct contact between the Monitoring Station and the Guard responding to the Alarm. TAG is mobilizing hundreds of Licensed Guards registered on the TAG App we call them Taggers. The TAG Response Network is expanding daily providing fast, reliable and fully automated alarm response.

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Event Log & Reporting System

"All steps are recorded. From the initial dispatch request to the final incident report"

All logs and reports are available 24/7 with just one click. This includes time of initiation, TAGGER ID and site images.

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Limitless coverage/expansion area

"TAG operates with fully Licensed Guards that have passed required Alarm Response Training."

The TAG system will intelligently organize and strategically place the TAGGERS in the busiest areas to provide the fastest most reliable response and reporting system.

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TAG Dispatch

Fast, Reliable Alarm Response Network


Intelligent incident address lookup allowing operators to send dispatches within seconds of the alarm.


From the assignment of a Tagger to the completion of a live report.


Multilevel user access for alarm company/monitoring station with easy import and download of incident report.

Trained Professionals

We carefully select, qualify and train Taggers in all areas related to alarm response & inspection.

Security Guard License

All Taggers are required to have a valid Government issued Security Guard License.

Security tools

Taggers are equipped with special car lighting, reflecting vest, flashlight, and identity card.

Alarm Response Will Never Be The Same

Tag Dispatch is a revolutionary solution to Security Alarm Companies and Monitoring Stations

Reduced operator handling time
Reduced operator handling time

No calls to guard dispatchers or guards for ETA or location. Knowing at anytime where the Tagger is and how far away they are from the site. Each incident is time stamped from beginning to end with pictures.

Instant Incident Reporting
Instant Incident Reporting

Instant PDF report with pictures upon incident completion. Fast & easy access to reports & dispatch’s.

Tagger progress and ETA's
Tagger progress and ETA's

Once the address is within the TAG platform, operators can see Taggers progress. As soon as the incident is assigned the operators can see the Tagger's ETA.

Multilevel Company's User Access
Multilevel Company's User Access

Multi level company access & resources. Easy & fast account creation for operators & station supervisors.

Better Service to Subscribers
Better Service to Subscribers

No more dealing with angry calls from subscribers. Know where, when and what happened with per minute reporting.

Easy Billing with Detailed Reporting
Easy Billing with Detailed Reporting

Easy response via email to end users with PDF reports.

Frequently asked questions

The main goal of TAG is to provide simple, smart and advanced solution benefiting the End user, Security company & Monitoring station.

TAG was designed for the security industry, while keeping all the key players in mind. All while making sure to provide a unique and efficient solution for each step of the process. 

Our team has over 25 years combined experience in the security and monitoring industry. It is this experience that made it possible to design TAG, which is a full A to Z solution that is way ahead of its time but still provides great service at a fair price.

We strive to change a very out dated and time consuming process with an efficient, state of the art and fully automated process. We have reduced the operator handling time to seconds, and response time to minutes. All with our advanced reporting system that is available, including pictures within a matter of minutes, all without a single phone call being made.

What if the alarm is a real break in?

The TAG App is designed to identify the need of dispatching police as the first step when the Tagger needs it. The very first question on the Tagger report system is “ are there signs of a break in?”answering “yes” to this question will automatically give the Tagger a 911 Button to dispatch police & wait for their arrival.

When would an incident report be available?

The TAG platform is fully automated, and is designed to provide high quality efficiency in real time, the incident report will be available on the TAG platform the same minute the Tagger has completed & submitted the report.

How can I send the report to the subscriber?

Once the report is submitted by the Tagger, it is available in PDF format with the timeline & pictures of the alarm site. The report can be easily emailed as a PDF to the subscriber or can be saved or emailed to the alarm dealer.

Can I access history reports?

The alarm dealer and the monitoring station have their own profile and can easily access any report at anytime. We have also designed a filter that will help with searching a specific report such as date, time, or incident number.


The TAG platform is completely free, there are no registration fees, no upfront cost, and no setup cost.

Is there a monthly fee to add a new service subscriber?

There are NO monthly fees, or minimum charges. The TAG service is designed as a "pay as you go" system, you will only pay for the dispatch service when you use it. This makes it easy to move all subscribers onto one amazing platform. There are no monthly fees, no minimum cost and no term commitments.

Do I need to sign a minimum term contract?

NO, there is no term or commitment when signing with the TAG platform. At TAG we want you to stay with us because of the amazing service that we provide. We strive to create a relationship that will benefit Monitoring stations, Alarm dealers, and subscribers.

Who will be dispatched to the alarm?

The TAG Response Network only includes License Security Guards registered directly on the TAG App, no “Middle Man”, a direct connect between the Monitoring Station and the Guard responding to the alarm. We call them Taggers. In addition to only use Licensed Security Guards, Tag Dispatch provides specific & detailed training for Alarm Response Inspection.

How long will it take for the Tagger to arrive on site?

The TAG Response Network allows for a fast & efficient response time. The Tagger responding to the alarm will be on site in average within 15 minutes, this is due to the extremely wide network of Taggers.

How do I know that the Tagger attended the site?

The TAG platform is fully automated, the operator can see the ETA on the screen and how far the Tagger is from the alarm site. In addition, part of the Taggers report contain pictures of the alarm site, leaving no doubt of attending the right site.

How would I know who is the dispatching operator?

TAG is a multi-level platform, each person using the system will have their own individual login & password with the level of access allowed. This makes it easy & efficient when looking at reports. In addition, each dispatch is time stamped and will have the dispatching operators name right on the report.

What is the area being covered by TAG?

The TAG network can offer a fast & efficient response to any of the major cities in Ontario, and we are expanding each day to cover more areas. As we grow we will be notifying the alarm dealers & the monitoring station on new areas available on the TAG platform.


The TAG platform is automated, invoices are generated daily. The monitoring station or the alarm dealer will receive the invoice normally 24 to 48 hours after the dispatch. Payment can be done via Credit Card, Cheque or EFT.

Are there any additional fees?

The TAG average dispatch start to finish is normally about 15 to 20 minutes, the only additional fee would be if the Tagger had to stay on site for more than the allotted 20 minutes. This will only happen if the alarm dealer, monitoring station or police had asked the Tagger to stay on site.

I got it, how do I sign up?

To signup with TAG please contact us at info@tagdispatch.com or by phone at 1-877-TAG-1700 (1-877-824-1700). Join the movement.

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